Spectacular Black White Illustrations Of Iconic Architectural Landmarks By Designer Andrea Minini

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Every city has an architectural landmark, but not all landmarks are made equal. What makes a landmark as famous as the Burj Khalifa? It’s not height (although it could be with the Burj), not grandeur, not beauty. Andrea Minini, today’s featured illustrator, thinks it might be speed. “What I love […]


Four homes featured each take their own unique approach to attractive storage

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Ever wondered how those magazine-worthy modern homes maintain such a clean and flawless interior? “Where do they put their STUFF?” It’s a good question! While freestanding bookshelves and standalone cabinets can actually contribute to the cluttered look, smart integrated storage looks like it actually belongs, as if it were part […]


Bedroom With Glam Touches And Silk Wallpaper Is feminine and playful

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This absolutely stunning space by Paloma Contreras is a bedroom/terrace combo she designed in New Orleans. The bedroom is adorably feminine but not too much.This wallpaper covers only the headboard wall, and the rest of the walls are calm and peaceful to accent this one. The room was designed around […]

Introducing The Book Of Beautiful Homes

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We at Home Designing are proud to introduce our second ebook today titled as the ‘Book Of Beautiful Homes’. This ebook features 40 spectacular homes from around the world in one comprehensive 340+ page document that you can download and view offline. For more info and purchase, visit: Book Of […]

Roof Gardens

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Take a deep breath of cool clear air as you gaze out at the sky above a city horizon, from these fresh rooftop gardens by Amir Schlezinger of My Landscapes Garden Design. We can almost hear the distant hum of traffic below between the twinkling streetlights! 1 | We love […]

Garden Inspiration

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This very grand set of garden inspiration is best suited to classic manor houses and more modern mansions, but that doesn’t stop us all from reveling in the natural beauty that thrives there. As we hop over the stepping stones, across huge manicured lawns, we might also find a few […]