Elsa L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Bar

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This stylish monochrome kitchen stands out for its high gloss handleless cabinets and elegantly tiled backsplash. A combination of open, closed and glass fronted cabinets offers utilitarian advantage.   Cooktop and chimney are ergonomically positioned Features an easy to clean countertop  According to your needs and preferences,all kitchens are customizable […]

Sleek Kitchen Design Ideas by Ernestomeda

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Since it’s all in our perception, we believe that grey doesn’t always mean dullness or boredom. Sometimes, it’s far beyond the impractical connections and that’s exactly what these amazing kitchen designs by the Italians from Ernestomeda, are suggesting. Dubbed One Collection, it touts a strange yet soothing amalgam of contrastive […]

Rough and sophisticated Rational Kitchen suites

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The German company Rational has launched this fabulous series of kitchens which are highly fashionable and full of personality. Rational has managed an astounding combination of stylish and cynegetic, through the use of honest, earthy materials, rough oak, fine ceramic surfaces, sliding doors to conceal the prep and storage areas. […]