Whether or not you want to exhibit your impressive literary collection, organise your DVDs or create a space to showcase your favourite ornaments, the ideal solution is bookcases. Online purchasing can sometimes be a challenge when purchasing furniture, so here we have prepared a brief guide to help you make purchasing bookcases online in Australia easy.
The first consideration you will need to check is what you actually wish to store in your new bookcases. There are some standard dimensions and configurations for hot items that will assist you plan what size of shelving arrangement you will need. Small Shelves: At 22 centimetres high and 15 to 17 centimetres deep, this is excellent for laptops, smaller paperbacks, and CDs. Medium Shelves: This is slightly higher at 25 centimetres, which makes it more acceptable for books, and travel manual sized books. Large Shelves: This can be significantly taller and deeper at 34 centimetres and 26 centimetres respectively. This is the ideal height for comics, art publications, and many hardback novels and reference books. At this height, you can even utilize the shelves for LPsfiles and binders, but you might require a greater depth to prevent instability.
You also should consider that you might not have a full bookcase worth of smaller or larger books. The majority of us have books, CDs and LPs, which can be all differing heights. In this scenario, you’ll require a bookcase that has adjustable shelves, therefore each shelf can be placed in a different height to accommodate your possessions.


Another factor when looking for bookcases online is if there are some architectural attributes inside the house that may impact the unit. By way of example, if you want to house your new bookcase beneath a staircase, you’ll have to consider the angle of the ceiling over the location. In this circumstance, you’ll need to check out the lowest point and use this as the maximum height of your bookcase.
You will also have to consider if your bookcase will be installed against a wall with skirtings. The skirtings in the back of your bookcase will affect how much it circulates into the space and in some cases, it could impact stability. Luckily, this is easily overcome with a safety strap mounted on top of the taller bookcases to reduce instability.
Finally, you want to think about that your bookcase need not all be open shelves. There are a number of fantastic designs that incorporate cabinets or drawers. Sometimes, you may prefer your whole bookcase is guarded behind doors. Glass fronted doors enable your publications to be protected, yet be showcased beautifully. This can also be useful to keep unsightly items neat and clean, yet within easy reach.
If you’re thinking about buying bookcases online, be sure to explore our range. We provide a fantastic choice of designer bookcases, and our design team will be delighted to assist you discover the perfect one to match your house decor.For a brief guide to buying bookshelves, refer to our electronics store.