The “TRON designs CORIAN” exhibition is an original design project which has been art directed by DuPont and Disney and created using DuPont Corian high-tech surface for a surprising scenography.

First marketed as an innovative man-made material for kitchen and bathroom worktops, DuPont Corian is designed as an advanced surfacing solution that can be shaped into virtually any conceivable design.

DuPont Corian high tech surface is a design tool offering exceptional versatility and almost limitless possibilities for producing high quality, effective, functional and reliable solutions addressed to residential, public and commercial environments, both indoor and outdoor, from kitchens to lamps, from bathrooms to the skin of buildings, from seatings to domotic systems, from radiators to touch control surfaces, from tables to furnishing and fashion accessories.


At “TRON designs CORIAN®”, Jacuzzi proposes an astonishing bathroom/wellness area conceived by Marco Piva, inspired by the film “TRON: Legacy” and featuring an extremely elegant interpretation of the design versatility and the sensoriality of DuPont™ Corian® high-tech surface.