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Stain Removal: What Not to Do

Stain Removal: What Not to Do

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Three Stain Removal Tips

Tip 1: Stock your shelves.

Having the right products is key to removing stains. Different types of stains need different treatments to be successfully eliminated.

Learn what stain-fighting products to keep in your arsenal.

Tip 2: Understand your stain-fighters.

Knowing what treatments work best for different categories of stains will help you decide what course of action to take when you encounter a stain.

See why common stain-fighters work and how they can help you in almost any stain situation.

Tip 3: Know what not to do.

Treating stains sounds pretty straightforward, but specific methods work better than others, and there are some things you should never do.

Read on for the dos and don’t of removing stains.